Maximize your Return on Salesforce Investment (ROSI) with dedicated support, seamless integrations, process optimization and training.

As your business grows, it is imperative that your Salesforce platform must also scale up to meet the changing operational and strategic business needs. Having full-time, dedicated employees can only help to a certain extent since the Salesforce ecosystem is evolving rapidly.

Samvidh works with you to understand your business objectives and assess the current needs to provide flexible solutions including experienced certified professionals, and round-the-clock support to reduce the hassle of maintaining your Salesforce platform.

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Post-Implementation Support

Implementation of Salesforce is just half the battle won. The biggest challenge is to ensure user adoption and business continuity Post-Salesforce transition. Getting buy-in from stakeholders, communicating process changes and incentivizing internal users are major problems that organizations face.

Our end-to-end post-implementation support services help minimize downtime by providing necessary training and support, change management assistance and even extra capacity to keep your business running without any additional investments.

Change Management

Aligning business processes during Salesforce implementation involves buy-in from management and other key stakeholders. Even more so when there are a number of technologies being used by different teams. Our agile first approach with a clear rollout plan including technical considerations, and communication to different stakeholders at various stages helps navigate these issues easily.

Training and Support

Successful user adoption and maximum utilization of your Salesforce platform are down to the level of understanding of available features, and your end-user’s hands-on experience.

Samvidh’s team of specialized professionals are adept in training users considering real-time scenarios while also ensuring you get the best support throughout the transition.

Capacity Augmentation

To meet your business goals, especially in the short term, you can add technical resources and extend your team’s capacity on a demand basis. This lets you leverage our diverse and flexible talent pool for your business requirements without exceeding the budgets.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Planning scheduled maintenance and upgrades, application customization and integrations as per your requirements are a key to successful support partnership. Samvidh understands this and builds customized solutions that utilize the advanced capabilities of Salesforce to accelerate business growth.

Platform Upgrades and Configurations

By leveraging our expertise, you are assured that your platform stays updated with new releases and business process flow configurations.

Business Process Optimization

As your organization expands, it becomes difficult to keep up with the latest techniques that can empower your business to efficiently manage processes. Our team is abreast of the latest Salesforce developments and methodologies giving you the advantage to identify improvement opportunities and enabling you to stay ahead of the competition.

Data Migration

Today’s organizations thrive on data for key decisions across business functions. This necessitates successful migrations of your different data sources to Salesforce systems. Our strategic execution ensures your data is properly mapped, cleaned, and organized leaving no scope for duplicates or errors post-data migration.


Providing a rich and personalized customer experience requires multiple integrations with your systems and Salesforce applications. Samvidh ensures smooth information flow through seamless integrations which will enable your teams to provide excellent customer service.

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