Why You Need Excellent Salesforce Managed Services

Do you find yourself:

  • - Constantly nagging your employees to use Salesforce?
  • - Feeling like Salesforce doesn’t do half of what you want it to do, even though you paid an “expert” to set it up?
  • - Frustrated with reports and dashboards that aren’t showing you the critical real-time information you need to make data-driven decisions?
  • - Afraid to make backend updates because you have way too many customizations that will break and disrupt your entire business flow?

You’re not alone. Many small and medium-sized business owners struggle to use Salesforce to its fullest potential. As these companies scale, minor problems snowball into larger ones that lead to revenue loss, employee retention issues, and poor customer experiences.

You can avoid falling into this trap by hiring a Salesforce Managed Service Provider. Salesforce Managed Services Providers have the proper credentials and experience to implement and manage your CRM. But with so many to choose from, how can you pick the best one?

A few factors distinguish the good Managed Services Providers from the great ones:

  • - Hold Salesforce certifications
  • - Take the time to understand your business
  • - Proactively suggest ways to streamline your processes and maximize productivity
  • - Offer flexible engagement models based on your project, business needs, and budget

Samvidh Managed Services-On-Demand checks all of these boxes and more. The Samvidh team has mastered the Salesforce platform, from Sales Cloud to Service Cloud, to CPQ, to Mulesoft. But they don’t just have book smarts — they also have top-notch experience.

Samvidh’s founder held leadership roles at Accenture and Simplus, where he successfully implemented Salesforce for countless Fortune 500 companies. This background makes him uniquely able to translate any business process into an efficient, sustainable workflow — delivering exactly what his clients want — every time.

Ready to make your Salesforce problems disappear? We’re ready for you to come aboard! Choose a monthly subscription or block of hours.

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